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Future of movie trailers

so this is what some see as what could possibly be, the future of trailers. i put this this part in because it shows how trailers are still evolving, and as well give it somewhat of a finishing vibe to it.

And since the avid technology came along, and with the development of the internet, posting trailers up for streaming. Trailer makers dream about taking the next logical step; custom-tailoring a trailer for specific groups of people. Since finishing time is extremely short and only getting shorter, there will be room for regionally made trailers. Right now studios spend money printing the trailers onto film, and then it’s a done deal, but as digital projection becomes more and more common studios will have more control over which trailers to play before which film, and eventually make custom trailers for different screenings. Such as a trailer for a comedy movie is showing and some think it’s hilarious and some people don’t think its funny, recut it to be more funny, resend it to the right theatres, and it could all be done within a day. Another rather common scenario is, say, there is a trailer for a rom-com, anyone they’re all the same, and there is this one guy who is in 90% of the trailer and everyone loves him, then he is caught drunk with a hooker, and now everyone hates him. (I could think of a few) Right now studios would just ride it out until the film is released. But in the future it is possible that they could stop showing that particular trailer and recut, it so that he’s only in about 10% of it, send it off, and all the theatres will be showing the new one, and it could all be done in 24 hours. This could save a lot of money for the studios.

That is the way trailers could be.

But trailer makers seem most excited about developments in the mechanisms studios use to deliver trailers to prospective audiences. Most studios already post their trailers to the Web for download. Now, they dream of the next logical step, custom-tailoring trailers to appeal to specific users. [3]
(Regarding Avid) It was created in 1987 and became a publicly traded company in 1993. [6]

this is the list of all the trailers mentioned and a link to see them. they all have the title of the movie, the year and what i could and did use them for. also after it is the bibliography.

Filmography of trailers

Spiderman (2002)


A good example of special footage, that was never intended to be in the film, being used for promotion.

Psycho (1960)


A good example of old style trailers.

Dr Strangelove (1964)


The first to use non-linear style editing for a trailer.

La Dolce Vita (1960)


The comedian (2002)


A trailer making fun of voice work.

Terminator 2 (1991)


Cheaper by the dozen (2003)


2 different movies showing the flexibility of voice over

Tenacious D (2006)


A stupid voice over

Greatest show on earth (1952)


Very generic old style trailer.

Pineapple Express (2008)


Good use of music

The Warrior’s Way (2010)


A trailer with all mentioned elements

Billy Jack (1971)



All accessed on the 04/04/11.

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