28/03/11 + 04/04/11


Today i made  time line of my work!


Made it much easier to keep track of things.

For the most part of the day i worked on my podcast. In one of my last posts i mentioned that i was going to do it on movie trailers. i found this really interesting article about the history of movie trailers. and another one about where movie trailers are going. like tailoring a trailer for a group of people, like if its a trailer for a funny movie but parts they put into the trailer isn’t making many people laugh, they can just take it back to the cutting room, re-cut it, and send it back off to the theater’s and just show the new one. or where an actor is in 90% of the trailer, but then becomes really unpopular, they can just re-cut it so he’s only in 10%. well it interested me at least.


yeah i got lazy and didn’t end up posting the last blog, so there it is.

Today still mostly worked on my podcast. Mostly today i did a lot of information gathering, writing down sources and whatnot, I also analyzed some movie trailers and wrote a bit of the actual podcast. Werner did a lecture about media and communication, it was pretty interesting. He talked about how ideas became a reality, how ideas are recycled. He got into how there is only the illusion of choice and how little choice there really is. oh also his definition of media is that there needs to be a sender a middle and a receiver.

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