Podcast thingy

Today we were to research a topic and make a podcast about it. We chose a subject that could be found on the ABC sites Future Tense and The Media Report.  The topic that I chose was movie trailers. How they are put together, what makes a good movie trailer and what makes a bad one.

I have always held an interest in movie trailers, while this may sound strange but i have always just liked the way that certain movie trailers could make you feel excited, sad, amused, inspired all within 2-3 minutes.

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One Response to Podcast thingy

  1. Werner Hammerstingl says:

    We discussed Swinburne library resources. Now I suggest you read at leat one overview analysis text on your topic such as:
    Coming Attractions : Reading American Movie Trailers
    Kernan, Lisa
    Pages: 309
    Publisher: University of Texas Press
    Date Published: 11/2004
    Language: en

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